Are you at a loss for how to present your brand on social media?

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A curated visual presence on social media is integral to a brand’s engagement with its audience. Distilling your brand’s messaging into visual posts that encourage personalized connections with your customers may seem beyond the scope of your know-how, but that’s where TCS shines. We’ve worked with our clients to create thousands of social media posts to encourage engagement and brand awareness.

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Whether you’re looking for thoughtfully designed social media posts, a style guide for presenting your brand on social media, or to make your posts pop with added motion we have a solution for you.

Our Solutions

Designed Graphics Social Media

Do you need social posts that look good and communicate your message? We will design graphics that compliment your brand and target your audience effectively.

A social example for Sphere that says "See you at our Booth #1733"
A social example for that says "Campaign Highlight"

Style Guides Social Media

Are your current social media visuals disconnected and lacking style? We will create a set of guidelines that will give your brand a strong cross-platform visual presence.

Motion Graphics Social Media

Want your posts to jump off the screen? We will help you stand out in a crowded market and reach higher numbers in engagement.

Our most


A reference guide for presenting information on your company’s social media accounts. Often includes illustration style, photography style, and templates for commonly used designs.

Designed graphics that compliment your brand style and sized to each platform’s specifications.

Sizing your logo to be used as profile pictures, designed graphics for banners that are sized to each platform’s specification, and Instagram highlight covers that compliment your brand style.

Design graphics that compliment your brand style, with the added feature of movement to draw the eye.

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